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Name: Dennis Nelson
City: Anderson
State/Province: SC
Country: United States
Sent: 10/02/2022 10:30:27 pm

Name: John Garland
City: Carbon
State/Province: TexAs
Country: Usa
Sent: 09/19/2022 09:15:06 pm

I served aboard the uss nimitz and had a great time god bless past and present military
Name: John Eannetta
City: Concord
State/Province: CA
Country: United States
Sent: 01/06/2021 09:52:50 pm

Hello USS Nimitz, I am a prior Navy service member, USS Midway 1981-1983. I want to express my gratitude to all of you for what you do and your long deployments. I assure you there are plenty more Americans that feel the same way. I cannot thank you all enough.
John Eannetta (MM2)
Concord, CA

Name: David Monell
City: Kill Devil Hills
State/Province: NC
Country: USA
Sent: 01/01/2021 11:40:51 am

I never served on NIMITZ but I worked on her for numerous availabilities during her early years at Norfolk Naval and at Norfolk Naval Base when they were filming the movie, "The Final Countdown" on her. I later worked on her at Newport News for her re-fueling in 2001. As a retired civilian employee, I want to thank all of the sailors who have served on Nimitz since 1975 for their service and keeping America safe and free. Happy New Year to all.

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